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Now it's official, LOVAH returned to his roots in Cameroon where his love for music had started. Producing local talents as well as finding inspiration for his next album are among his main goals.

' LOVAH - CRAZY (REMIX) ' is now available for streaming free. Follow the Soundcloud link to listen: LOVAH - CRAZY Remix

''Lovah - Crazy'' now available for FREE download. Follow the link: LOVAH - CRAZY MP3 Version

The video "Crazy" is now broadcasted on TV channels Metro 14, Canal 2 International and Vox Africa
During this summer 2012, LOVAH's debut album "JUSTE DU L.O.V" will be available in free streaming onboard the whole fleet of Air Canada
The single "Crazy" was selected by the worldwide French media music platform "Francophonie Diffusion" and is now available to a network of more than 600 radio stations in nearly 100 countries around the world.
The hit single "CRAZY" video performed by LOVAH is now available in the Video tab and on Youtube.
LOVAH's album "Juste du L.O.V" is now available on iTunes, Napster and Amazon